The BAC-home™, a fast, easy to use breathalyzer parents can use to test their teen to ensure they have not been drinking.

The BAC-home™ breathalyzer will give you your teen's BAC from a range .00 to .19 (max reading.)  It is a simple test -- .00 is negative for alcohol and .01 or above is positive for alcohol.

Alcohol & Car Keys Don't Mix

Teens think they are invincible. Drinking and driving never mixes! Don’t let this happen to your family.

Have your teen wait 10 minutes after getting home and have them blow into the BAC-home™ breathalyzer. If it is a .00 they pass, if it is .01 or higher - BUSTED!

Avoid Costly Mistakes

For such a minimal cost, the BAC-home™ could save you thousands of dollars…or even your teens life!

Having your teen get busted is not only expensive in terms of legal fees - Drunk driving could cost you more than embarrassment, it could cost your teen their life!  Get the BAC-home™ breathalyzer.


Don’t drink and drive. ZERO TOLERANCE MEANS .00

Knowing whether your teen is drinking or not is part of parenting.  It's our job to protect them from themselves.  Your order BAC-home™ breathalyzer now!

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The BAC-home™, personal breathalyzer
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The BAC-home™ is parents’ newest tool against teen drinking! 

Using the BAC-home™, a personal breathalyzer, parents will be able to monitor their teen’s BAC, anytime – anywhere!
Although the BAC-home has a range of .00 to .19, the only good number for anyone under the age of 21 is .00
When your teen gets back home, one quick test will tell you if they have been drinking;
It is a simple as .00 is negative for alcohol and .01 or above is positive for alcohol.

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